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Testimonials From Summer Camps

I coached with Sports Quest for ten years. In the summer of 1999 I was a lead trainer working with five and six year olds. That summer the Lord grabbed my heart and changed my future.  After sharing the Gospel at a Sports Quest Soccer Camp in Copperfield, Texas we were on the way home and I had what I would describe as a "spiritual awakening". In that moment everything about God's goodness came into, what at least seemed like, perfect clarity for me. It was as if scales fell from my eyes and for the first time ever I could see that not only did Jesus die on the cross for my sins, but that I could hear Him talking to me. I knew then that I wanted to spend my life listening to Him and following His call on my life. Since leaving Sports Quest I have now served as a student pastor in a growing church for the last nine years. In following His call the Lord has given me the opportunity to share the Gospel with tens of thousands of teenagers and children through the ministries of Woodlands Church.  As I reflect upon that summer, that moment, and my time spent at Sports Quest it is clear to me that such moments of clarity don't just happen.  They are born from an environment of love, trust, character and excellence.  These are the things that Sports Quest offered to me every day and also demanded of me as a player and as a coach. I know the Lord will bless Sports Quest, Jim and Debbie not only for the impact they have made on my life, but also for the life of every person that I am allowed to impact on the journey He continually sets out for me.
Mark Miller - Executive Pastor of Students, Woodlands Church

I will always remember when I was a camper at Sports Quest. I went one summer when I was about 7 years old because my two older brothers were going and thought it would be fun. I was very shy and kept to myself. One of the first days of camp, one of the trainers came up to me and asked me what my name was and got me to laugh. Each and every trainer made me feel comfortable and got to know me better and better each day. I even had a nickname, which at the age was the coolest thing ever. Each day during the middle of camp we would all sit down as a group and listen to our trainer talk about God. They had a devotional every day and a verse for us campers to memorize. I had grown up my whole life in a Christian home, went to church every Sunday, went to a Christian school, and for some reason I just got it and who God really was at Sports Quest soccer camp. At the end of the week I gave my heart to Christ with one of the trainers help and could not wait to tell my mom and be baptized at my church. I invited the trainers to come to my baptism because they were the reason I stepped out of my comfort zone and gave my life to Christ. Ever since then I have loved soccer and being in the Word. If it was not for that one day that one of the Sport's Quest trainers came up to me and invested time in me then I would not be where I am today. In middle school and some of high school, I played soccer for a club called Westside. Sports Quest was the trainers for Westside and it was such a blessing being around them every week and praying after every soccer practice. They even helped train my high school team some. My senior year of high school I played for Albion Hurricanes. After that I got recruited to play at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor and played all 4 years here. My last semester in college I accepted a job as the women's soccer team assistant coach. Sports Quest changed my life for the better. Like I mentioned earlier, I would not be where I am today without them. 
Ashley Teague - Previous Camper/Staff voluteer

I previously worked for Sports Quest as a full-time Soccer trainer and coach. I am now a Sports Quest volunteer that is ready to serve whenever I am available and/or needed.  Over the last 20 years Sports Quest has celebrated and witnessed thousands of children and youth  improve their soccer techniques,  soccer fitness, and game day performances. Many of them went on to play high school, college, and some even had opportunities to play professionally. As exciting as all that was to see and be apart of... it wasn't the true success of the last 20 years. Celebrating changed lives was the true success!  I personally witnessed numerous individuals of all ages accept Christ as their Lord and Savior.  God be praised!  I also, had the privilege to see many grow in their faith and character through on the field discipleship. I am most thankful for how God used Sports Quest to reach some of my own children for Christ.
Matt Miller - Cypress Pastor, Second Baptist Church

I’ve loved sports my entire life, and with two older brothers, there was plenty of competition when I was younger. At around eight years old, my parents enrolled me in a Sports Quest soccer camp - I was determined to be the best. With the camp-assigned name “Lazarus” I got my first tutorial on how to execute the scissors move (it would serve me well throughout my soccer career). Being so excited that I could pull it off, I executed the move over and over again until I was exhausted. Break time was much needed. While grabbing some water and trying to fight the urge to sit down so my legs wouldn't tighten, our instructor told us a quick story about a man named Jesus. I had heard the story before, how he died to take away our sins and defeat death and the Devil, but this time it ended with an opportunity. “If you believe this and you’re up for it, ask Jesus to come into your heart to be your personal Lord and Savior.” I did. And At that moment by God’s grace the Holy Spirit came into my heart and saved my life. God used Sports Quest to help cultivate in me a love for soccer that would bring joy to my life for many years, but, more importantly, God used Sports Quest to graciously extend the gift of salvation to me that will last forever.
Joseph Lazarine - Previous Camper, baptized in 2015 as an adult at Houston's First Baptist Church

Our two boys have been attending 1 to 2 weeks of sports quest every summer for several years now.  We are so grateful for a Christian soccer summer camp in Houston that takes water breaks to talk about Jesus and how to glorify God on the soccer field .  Our boys would come home every day talking about what it's like to live out your faith on the soccer field and were so full of joy.  Sports Quest has not only been an encouragement for my boys on how to live out their faith on the soccer field but also a game changer for our youngest son.  Last summer, our youngest boy raised his hand during one of these talks and asked  Jesus to be his Lord and Savior.  We love the fact that he surrendered his life to Jesus on the soccer field and we continue to pray he would shine for Jesus (his #1 passion) on the soccer field (his #2 passion)!  We are blessed to have heard about Sports Quest through our church!
Mr. & Mrs. Young - Parents

Parker thoroughly enjoyed the camp and recounted to me in great detail (upon my return from a business trip away that week), the story of the tax collector and Jesus's request that he cease cheating the people.  I've taught Lord's Day at SVDP for 5 years now and know how hard it is to convey bible stories in such a way as to allow a 5-year old to retain the messages therein.  Thank you for creating such a positive all around experience.  
Ann Graves, Parent

My kids had a great time, enjoyed playing soccer and making new friends. We will be looking forward to do the camp again next year!
Thanks for providing such a wonderful camp for kids!
Maria Ereli, Parent 

The soccer camp was outstanding.  It will be on our calendar for next year as well.

Regan & Kendall got SO much out of their week with you.  Thank you so much for providing such an incredible soccer camp.  We hope to maybe sneak one more week in at the end of the summer.
Susie Howard, Parent

My son really enjoyed the camp and I think he learned a lot.  Thanks again! 
Pam Taylor, Parent

Dear Jim,
I just want to thank you for such an awesome camp!  I can not tell you how much you and your group made an impact on Emily, physically (soccer) and mentally!  She came home so excited about reading and hearing the word.  And, boy, her soccer has improved enormously!  And, to make it an even better week, we had  Vacation   Bible   School   at our church (West U Baptist), and our themes this year were your themes this year - Freedom and making the right choices (choosing to believe in Jesus, etc.)
Anyway, just wanted to say thanks and let you know what an awesome camp you run.  I have already been spreading the word to everyone - this is the best camp ever!  We will be back next year, for sure.

Thanks again, and God Bless you for your heart for Jesus!

Heather Bradshaw, Parent

My daughter, Anne, thoroughly enjoyed the camp.  Thanks.  
Mary, Parent

I have to say that your camp program is outstanding!  This was our son, John's, second experience with a Sports Quest camp...and they have both been're fostering skill yet refreshing!

Dear Mr. Spence 
We want to thank you for another great soccer camp.  Last year, your group came to our side of town - at Second Baptist North Campus in Kingwood.  This was our first experience with Sports Quest.  It was so wonderful that our two boys were absolutely set on participating this year, too.  We were sad to see that you weren't going to be back close to us so we got online and tried to find a location and time that would fit our schedule.  We plugged the boys in the camp at  St. Vincent  's because it was early in June - we're expecting baby #4 June 25th.  We had to allow an hour and half to get there each morning, but it was so worth it.  Your camp was certainly great from a technical standpoint - but more importantly from a spiritual perspective.  What a blessing for our kiddos to see Christ lived out in their coaches and trianers for the week.  Our only regret is that ya'll are on the Westside of town - otherwise we'd plug into your league, too.:)

Thanks again for a wonderful camp. 

Jeff and Kelli Wisener, Parents

My son, Matthew Harris, enjoyed the camp.  He is 6 years old and it was his first "sports camp" experience.  He wants to do it again next year.
Meredith Harris, Parent

Jim and Associates -
Just wanted you all to know what a wonderful time my daughters, Allison & Christina, had at Soccer Camp!    Thank you for all that you do to provide excellent soccer instruction as well as biblical teaching!
In His grace, 
Eugene & Terri Toy, Parents

We appreciate everything that you do at Sports Quest.  Our kids have been attending your clinic for 5+ years!  Your camps could not be any better.  We are always recommending them to all of our friends.  Keep up the great work!
By the way, Robert will be back for 4 days of the Second Baptist Clinic.  Thanks again, we are off to play soccer in the front yard even though it is 96 outside!
Mrs Rae, Parent

Thank you for a great week for our son, Jeremy Mitschke.  He had a blast and we loved what he learned. 
Allison Mitschke, Parent

Thanks for another great week of soccer training and character building.  My two boys were in the middle and youngest groups this year.  Both of them thoroughly enjoyed their time and the camp and both are now doing things I have not seen kids their ages do before.  I have to say as youth soccer coach myself, I got a lot of benefit from just watching them train with you.  Finally, your staff is first rate.  It's pretty rare to find that level of talent combined with the temperament and teaching ability that these young men and women have.
Steve Blair, Parent

My kids loved the camp.  We look forward to next time.
Janet Nosrat, Parent

You guys are great!  Thanks so much!
Georgeanne Longoria, Parent

My daughter, Teresa, enjoyed the camp at St. Francis so much that she not only has asked to attend again next summer, she wants to attend another camp this summer!  I think that's the best compliment the trainers could have! Thank you for providing such a positive, faith-filled experience for children.
Marianne Macejewski, Parent

My kiddos enjoyed it immensely, and my daughter wants to do another week!
Lisa Miller, Parent

Thank you, we had a great time.  Charley and Patrick loved soccer camp.  See you next year.
Kelly Mooz, Parent

WOW!!!!  As usual, it was a fabulous week of soccer camp. My girls learned so much about soccer and the Lord. What a gift it is for them to have the opportunity to learn more about the grace of God and play a super game.

Thank you and you outstanding staff for the uplifting camp experience!!!

God Bless you all,

Kriste Sullivan, Mother of Christiana and Mary Grace

Jim, just in case you think they aren't listening to you...I heard David telling my husband about some of the bible verses he heard you quote this week and how it related to your theme this year.  Good soccer training is only one of the things he gets from your camp. Thanks again for another great year. 
Sid Barth

Andrew had an awesome time!
He said, “Mom, can I do another Sports Quest camp this summer.”  He came home everyday telling me about what he had learned.
Enjoy the rest of the summer!
Tonja Smith, Parent 

We want to thank YOU for having such a special week for Gage.  We were pleased with the soccer skills he learned, but even more pleased with the spiritual lessons.  We especially liked the point that Jim made that expressed that your Christian life is not left behind on the soccer field; that your spiritual life and your athletic life go hand in hand.  Even though Gage was the only one in the family who participated, we all learned from the camp.  We have spread the word to all our friends and neighbors and look forward to our next experience with Sports Quest.
Thank you again for a great week of our summer. 
The Aykroyd Family

Soccer camp was the centerpiece of Daniel's summer, and he had a blast!
Tracy Stiff, Parent

My son (Manuel) really enjoyed the camp.


Manuel Vera, Parent

Thank you for a great summer camp from Nathan Fisher! We’ll be looking for this one again next summer!
Sharon Lundgren, Parent

All three of our kids had a blast and want to come back next year! 
Lisa Ammerman, Parent

My 7 year old daughter really enjoyed her first soccer camp experience with Sports Quest.  I was reluctant at first because she loves the game but so many children her age are so much more competitive and I thought she might get hurt or embarrassed.  But she was treated with such respect and understanding and walked away with a wonderful experience.  She has been showing us her many new soccer moves!   We will certainly return next year, please keep us on your mailing list. 
Lena Lahasky, Parent 

It was great! Ryan loved it! (his first time -6years old) He didn't really enjoy soccer this past fall, but he really enjoyed your camp! He said it's way better! He loved the coaches, games, skills, etc. He learned a lot from the lessons as well. How cool to have so many male Christian leaders for him! Thanks for an awesome week! Lord willing, we'll be back next year!


Lisa Hand, Parent

My children Kendall and Brandon had an amazing time while learning soccer.  We have attended other soccer camps and the kids were not high on soccer camp.  You have brought soccer camp to a new level.

Thank you very much for having a positive impact on their lives.

Cynthia Bengtson, Parent

Dear Sports Quest Staff and Coaches,

Wow!   I never thought soccer camp could be so wonderful and such a blessing.  My daughter Arianna Gormez attended the  Austin  camp last week and absolutely loved it - she can't wait until the next one.  She came to camp with no experience and lacking a little confidence-and even though she had a set back the first day by being intimidated by the size of the kids in her group, she came back the next day, was put in a younger group and she loved it from there on out.  The staff and coaches were all so good with the kids, so professional too.  We all loved the devotions too.  It was the best time and money commitment we've made this summer not to mention the great boost in confidence in my daughter in her ability to persevere, endure (the heat) and learn the sport, sportsmanship and be encouraged in her faith.
Thanks so much for bringing this great camp to  Austin  !
God's rich blessings on you all,
Laura Gomez, Parent

I cannot thank you enough!  The soccer camp was truly a blessing to our family!  Mason reluctantly went the first day, and now says he cannot wait for camp next year.   Jenna and Alexa were blessed also!   We thank God for you and your ministry!

This was indeed a GREAT experience for our kids!

Do you know of any Christian leagues in  Austin  ?

Sincerely, Deborah Mathias, Parent

My children and their two friends had a great time at the camp.   We will definitely return next year.  The soccer experience and the Christian teachings that you offered the children are greatly appreciated.

Poly  Isis, Parent

You guys do a great job.  You keep the Lord first and teach great
soccer!  My daughter, Katie has come to your camp for 5 or so years
and still loves it.  Thank you for your good work!  
Sincerely, Debbie Bragg, Parent

It was a wonderful experience!

Thank you!

Janna & Drew Altmann, Parents

Charlie and I feel so thankful that God placed you and Sports Quest on our path. Our hearts were touched this summer by your devotion and skill in teaching children. We felt grateful for the example you and your coaches set for Cooper and the other children. The little soccer ball has been in constant motion around our house! The orange ball has been packed for our upcoming vacation. Thank you again for the Godly model you set and please let Mark and the other coaches know how thankful we are. We hope to see you at the Chapelwood camp in late August! May God continue to bless you and your family.
Grace and Peace,
Mary Kay Mohrmann, Parent

I want to thank you and your awesome staff.  My girls (Samantha and Jordan) had the time of their life at your camp (it even beat the trip to  Florida  ) and all they talk about is attending again next year.  This has been such a positive experience for them, being it is the first camp they have ever attended.  You guys do a great job teaching them soccer....but more importantly, you relate all that you teach and do to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It is so important for our children to know that no matter what they do, where they go, or who they are glory to our Lord is the most important thing!!!  You and your staff have been great role-models for my girls and I look forward to entrusting them into your care again next summer!!!!  May God continue to bless your ministry!!!
In His Service,
Amy Boatman, Parent

Thank you for all your efforts - Kelsey really enjoyed herself and is looking forward to soccer season.  Thanks again!
Christi Coster, Parent

Trey had a wonderful time at camp last week!
Robin Petry, Parent

Dear The Faithful of Sports Quest
From the glimpses I got during my daughter Caroline's week at your Second Baptist camp, I was so grateful that she was a participant and a recipient of all the wondrous offerings you presented each day. A workout for the body, mind and spirit...essential to being fit for Him.  Thank you for your ministry and devotion to Jesus and for the creative and fun ways you connected with the children and furthered their soccer skills and ability.  I know Sports Quest will now be a highlight for Caroline's summers and little sister Audrey can't wait to turn 5!

I am grateful for all you do and all you are.  Thank you for being such great examples and ambassadors for Christ!

Truly Charlotte Crawford, Parent 

I just wanted to say Thanks!  This was Sydney’s first year to attend a Sports Quest Camp and she thoroughly enjoyed it.  I appreciate everyone’s patience with the little kids.  Sydney came home every day with a grin on her face and is already looking forward to next year.  I didn’t realize all the gifts they were going to get and you can’t put a price tag on the self-esteem boost she received.

Thank You!
Mandy Seaford, Parent

Awesome camp.  Patrick Floyd truly enjoyed it – we will continue with your camp. Thank you for a great week!
God bless you.
Holly Floyd, Parent

As always, your sports camp is top notch.  Phillip and Kristin had a great time and learned some things too.
Each year I always ask do they want to go back to Sports Quest for a summer camp and the answer is always a big “YES”.  We will definitely continue with Sports Quest because of the quality coaches and teaching.
Be sure to send us a flyer for next year’s camp!
Karen Meeks, Parent

I have already recommended the camp to many of my friends.  I was most impressed with the camp – especially taking the spiritual aspect onto the field and into other parts of life!  Awesome, awesome, awesome!  We’ll see you next year!
Sarah Eickenhorst, Parent

Our daughter Hannaka greatly enjoyed the week of Sports Quest this month at St. Francis.  The counselors did a great job teaching soccer skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship, and they were supportive of each child.  Hannaka’s experience has made her even more enthusiastic about playing soccer in the fall.
Pat Y. Spillman, Jr., Parent

I told my girls I know they’re having a great time based on the amount of mud they bring home on their cleats and socks.  Thanks for the pictures!
Allison Darling, Parent

Thank you to you all for the camp last week.  It was a pleasure for me to be involved and the boys and I took away so much from the experience.  I have been commenting to everyone about how professional you guys are in every aspect.
I look forward to getting together in the future, whether with the camps, select games or socially.  Best wishes.
Paul Burgess, Soccer Coach, LA

Mariel Schroeder loved the camp and wants to come back next year.  Her fire for soccer was lit by this experience.  Thanks for the pictures and such a positive experience for my daughter.
Maria Perez-Schroeder, Parent

Great program!  I wish we could do it again in the near future. Luis had a great time and he learned a lot thanks to you all.  I loved the friendly environment provided by all of your staff.  Please keep us in your mailing list for any other programs that you offer.  Thanks! 
Luz Mejia

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for what I believe was  a wonderful experience for my son.  Your program is superb soccer training that includes a wonderful spiritual touch.  Thanks a million
God bless you.
Rodrigo Mejia, M.D., Parent

Thank you.  The camp St. Vincent’s was fabulous as usual!!!
John Sullivan, Parent

Our children always love your camp!  Thank you for the consistently excellent instruction, the enthusiastic coaches, and the training in righteousness.  We look forward to next year!  In His grace.
The Boucher family

Your camp is fabulous and my children love being there.  The message of courage in their Christian walk was well received by them. I was so proud of Christiana as she won the courage award.  She was inspired by all your wonderful counselors and staff.  Thank you for sharing the love of the Lord to these kids through your soccer training.  
Kriste Sullivan

I just wanted to congratulate you and your staff on an outstanding job at the soccer camp in Sulphur.  I have attended many different athletic camps when I was younger and none of them compare.  My sons really love it and can not wait until next year.
Alan Logan, Parent

My daughter loved the camp at St. Vincent’s.  The instruction was great, the prizes were good and the inspiration was excellemt  Good Job.
Mary Frappier, Parent

Wanted to thank you all again for a fabulous return to summer soccer camp for us.  Our girls Hannah and Grace Hodo went this week to your night camp at St. Francis and they absolutely loved it as they did last summer.  Both the girls received trophies on Wednesday night as well as having a collision and receiving a black eye. Not sure which one she is more proud of.   All the giveaways were more than enough.
We are leaving town in the morning for a wedding in which the girls are both flower girls (black eye and all), so they will miss tomorrow night.  They are sleeping in their t-shirts and Grace is sleeping with her ball!!!
Bless you for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in your lives and in your first class organization.  Both our girls were baptized last Sunday, so this camp has been especially meaningful to them.  We are already looking forward to next summer and possibly playing with Westside the spring.
Lori Hodo, Parent

Thank you so much for the pictures.  You say our comments are welcome, but there is nothing we could say for you to improve upon.  I didn’t think it could possibly have been any better than it was.  My son, Evan Holland loved your camp.  You all did a perfect job!  Thank you so much for what you do and God bless you all.  He obviously shines His face upon you.  Thanks again.  
Christa Holland, Parent

Thank you for a wonderful soccer week for Jane during her Sports Quest Camp.  She always looks forward to that camp right before school starts to get herself back from the summer in anticipation of the upcoming fall.  Not only does she love the camp from the soccer standpoint…but spiritually you are feeding her soul.  She loves your beautiful words and almost repeats them verbatum to me in the car on the way home.  You would be proud to know that your words are food for thought for her…she holds them in her heart and thinks about them and we usually have conversations about them at home or whenever something jogs her brain about something you’ve pointed out or said.  Thank you so very much.
Becky Banos, Parent

The camp was a wonderful experience for my girls – as it has been for the last 3 years! I thought the gift of “Beyond Soccer” was great.  I actually started reading it myself and found it inspiring.
Lori Ahearn, Parent

Once again you team did a great job at the camp.  Keep up the great work!  We are looking forward to another season with your trainers.  Thanks
Susan Williams, Parent

Thank you so much for a rewarding camp!  Kendall continues to work on his skills and even more importantly he still has his memory verse card that he reads each morning.  (Joshua 1:9 and yes, we did verify that what you taught was accurate).  We are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and we definitely appreciate being able to attend a camp that focuses on His Message and soccer at the same time.  What a combination!
Soccer Parent

Way to go trainers working with the 5-7year olds!  We need you guys in our schools and our churches.  The children really responded to you and didn’t even realize they were learning so much.  Good job training and leading them.
Keep up the good work!  Your sister in Christ
Peggy Gray, Parent

Awesome on all fronts.  Rebecca loves the physical and spiritual portions of the camp.  Thanks
Kenny Grace, Parent

I’m not sure who looks more forward to your camp, my daughter or myself.  This is the second year that my daughter, Grace Sevier, has attended your camp and loved it!  I appreciate your commitment to be such a strong role model for the campers.  Your devotionals are uplifting and encouraging for all of us.  Thank you for your dedication to Christ and sharing his word.  
Marcia Sevier, Parent

To Whom It May Concern:
I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you our latest experience with Jim Spence and Sports Quest.  I wish I could only begin to share all the wonderful remarks and “thank you’s” I received from the parents and children who participated in the camp.  Once again Jim and his crew were absolutely awesome.  They are a group that brings not only the experience of the game of soccer, but the love, care and tenderness that is so evident in their interaction with the kids.  From the youngest to our oldest teens, Jim and his coaches portray nothing but professionalism, respect and unconditional love for all of the kids.  They bring with them the perfect balance of teaching, sharing, discipline and laughter; making all the kids feel welcome, wanted and the very best they can be.  I can not begin to list all the examples I witnessed over our week of camp.  Time and time again I saw and heard words of encouragement, hugs and “high fives”.  Each day I had several parents share with me how much they appreciated this camp and how their children look forward to it year after year.  On Friday one Mom said to me, “Oh Sandra, please can we do this again next week?”  I laughed and said, “Well, how about same time, same place next year.”  I want each of you to know that you are making a tremendous impact on your community and giving to kids invaluable tools they will use for a life time.  Thank you so very much for investing in the lives of these kids; the returns will be immeasurable.
Sandra Smith, Program Manager, Springwood Baptist Church

We would like to “THANK YOU” for your professional and top of the line soccer camp.  All the staff and volunteers were great.  Our children, Landon and Kaylee Snider very much enjoyed attending the Sports Quest camp for the first time.  The mix of soccer and the Scripture’s used during the week were great – an awesome mix for our children. 
We are excited to have the opportunity to participate in this camp and look forward to next year’s camp.  Thank you and the AWESOME work from you and your staff.
Don and Lori Snider, Parents

He doesn’t say much, but David truly counts your camp as a high point in his summer every year.  You have great instructors, and always a great message.
Sid Barth, Parent

Thanks for the great camp.  Amy learned a great deal and is looking forward to next summer’s camp already.
John Vandenberg, Parent

Thanks so much for all you do to make the camp you hold in Austin such an overwhelming success.
My boys attend many camps over the summer, but hold yours as #1 in both fun, knowledge of the game, and Christian attitude.  Your patient guidance has helped my 8 year old, Ryan, put a Christian perspective on his competitive and perfectionist personality.  He is truly starting to see that winning isn’t everything and that one must bring their Christian character onto the field with them.
Your staff of young men, and this year young women, truly give their heart to the children.  I can’t tell you what joy it brings me to leave my children in their capable hands.
Thank you again, and know that we will be looking for next year’s registration form!
Amy Gold, Parent

This has been an awesome first time experience with “Sports Quest”.  We heard of this camp from a friend of ours who’s son had attended last year.  The first day my husband and I stayed through to watch our son Roy and were so impressed!  You are all are very organized, there is an inspiring sense of team work and camaraderie.  The whole operation runs very smoothly, rain or shine, you are always there at this wonderful host church.  We observed the eagerness and attention, the children displayed.  The way the Gospel is incorporated into soccer, presenting basic truths and the riches of God’s word certainly is a powerful way to build character in these kids.  A sense of “belonging” is offered in a professional, fun and caring environment.  You bring this wonderful organization to Spring Branch every year and we have certainly felt blessed to have a man of God come our way.  Thank you again for your terrific effort and dedication.
andra Wheeler, Parent

The children and the staff of Woodland Community Center would like to thank you for the wonderful week of soccer camp that you gave us, our children loved every minute of it.
Please extend, our thanks to all your staff for all the effort and time all of them put into this week for our children, and all the trophies and gifts that you gave to us.
Thank you and God bless you.
Margarita Salazar, Woodland Community Center Facilitator

I am enjoying the Soccer Camp because you teach us soccer moves like the Scissors, the Rainbow, head-thigh-laces.  Thank you for coming out this year.  I hope you come next year.
Jasmine Ealey, Camper

Thank you for coming here and letting me participate with your soccer camps.  And thanks for playing soccer with us and thank you for the T-shirt that you gave me and the candy!
Ariel Price, Camper

Thank you for coming here and spending quality time with us.  Now I want to play soccer.  I didn’t know it was that fun.  We had fun doing moves and learning things.  We learned how to head the ball.  We also learned to stop the ball from going in the goal.  I did learn very much from you guys.
Taylor Ledell Platinum King, Camper

Thank you for coming and teaching us how to play soccer and for giving us free stuff and for teaching us about the way of the Lord.
Desmond King, Camper

Dear Soccer Camp
Thank you for the love and support that you gave us.  Also thanks for the soccer tips that I will use during my soccer games.  Thanks for everything.
Melanie Kingsberry, Camper

Thank you for letting me play soccer and for having fun.  I had a lot of fun and playing soccer.  We all had so much fun!  I hope you come back soon.  I’ll be waiting!
Coral Liplena, Camper

I enjoyed the soccer camp.  We got to do soccer drills, games and water breaks (thank goodness).  You are good teachers and good coaches!  
Harrison, Camper

The soccer camp has been a blast!  I like all of the warm-up scrimmages and World Cup games.  I also like the drills and how patient you all are with us.  I appreciated you telling us things from the Bible.
Gentry Snow, Camper

"Thanks for a great camp this summer!!  We will look forward to next summer! We loved all our surprises and treasure our trophies and awards received from your staff"!
The Cisarik Family

"Thanks again. It was great!  Blessings on your ministry"!!
Detlef Kemnitz, parent

"My sons enjoyed soccer camp very much.  They were at the Second Baptist camp August 4-8.  My 6 year old was very reluctant at first but by the middle of the week he said he “loved soccer”  and is ready to play in the falll!!  They both liked the coaching staff and had a really good time".
Veronica Amenedo, parent

"Thank you and your staff for providing the most professional and educational camp we have attended to date.  Our girls were excited on a daily basis about returning to your camp.  They brought home incredible new skills as well as new positive attitudes.  We will definitely see you next summer.  Thank you again".  
The Laughlin Family

"As usual, the camp was awesome…you guys run such a professional, top-notch organization.  The comments I’ve heard form the girls have all been positive.  We attended Texas A&M soccer camp the week before your camp, and we all agree that the Sports Quest camp was a better experience for the girls".
Laurie Ford, parent

"My son had a delightful time at the Sports Quest summer camps.  He learned a lot and I cannot say enough about the professionalism of the trainers.  He is playing with his school team this fall, and might be interested in joining any available teams with vacancies this spring".
Maria E. Perez, parent

"Thank you for another wonderful Christian soccer camp experience!!  Our son, age 5, was able to participate for the first time this summer.  He looked forward to each practice, and we were so pleased for him to learn soccer tips from coaches who were also good character models.  We are so encouraged by Mr. Jim Spence and his staff of athletes who are witnesses for Christ.  I have recommended Sports Quest to several friends, because I feel it is a truly special experience.  Your program is a blessing to so many families – keep up the good work"!!!
Anna Rae, parent

"My husband and I thanked you at the last camp day, but want to reiterate what a great job you and your staff are doing.  This was our son’s 4th year , and he sacrificed two birthday parties for friends and a night out with his grandparents in just those 5 days of soccer camp.  He really loves it.  Your coaches are great, positive spiritual young people and an inspiration to the young ones.  Your gospel message does get across, as well as letting the kids have fun!!  Thank you again for your ministry and your heart for Jesus and know that you are appreciated".
Dana Strake, parent

"My son participated in your soccer camp last week, and I wanted to thank you for the tremendous program you offer.  It is dizzying to the eye how you are able to keep so many young players productively focused on performing their drills.
The real magic of your program, however, is combining some of the best skill training I have seen with the even more valuable off-the-field lessons that teach integrity, respect and learning how to win and lose.  In a society that preaches winning at all costs, your character lessons will likely serve most of the children long after their soccer playing days have ended.
Thanks for your hard work, your impressive drills and your thoughtful program that strives to make a complete player- one that I would want playing on my team.  We’ll see you next summer".
George Humphrey, parent

"Just a quick note to let you know how much my children enjoyed the soccer camp.  You made them all feel so special and two were recognized individually.  These two rarely have outstanding performances, so the whole family was very happy for them.  Their self esteem soared!  We will definitely sign up next year". 
Lauren Kaestner, parent

"My daughters were at Second Baptist and I have to tell you how impressed we were with every aspect of your organization.  From the first time we walked on the field Monday night to check in, it was a first class camp.  The girls loved each minute and every day from the early morning would ask if it was time to go to soccer camp.  We were especially impressed with your staff, their soccer skills as well as their skills with the children of all ages.  Thank you for your words at the conclusion of each night.  It is apparent Jesus lives in you heart and your living faith is a testament to our Lord.  Thank you for providing an outstanding camp for our children to participate.  We will definitely see you next summer".
Doug and Lori Hodo, parents

"The entire Bishop family wanted to thank you for your incredible soccer camps this summer!  As you may recall, Danielle attended the Katy camp back in June and your final camp at Second Baptist.  This has been her first exposure to any kind of soccer instruction or competitive playing.  Needless to say, we were MOST impressed with everything being so well organized! You had many children and coaches and ALL seemed to be in the proper places at the right times! Wow! Please thank the coaches for such fine instruction.  Most importantly, thank you for reinforcing the Christian message to ALL the children (and adults!)  We forget how God plays a role in every aspect of our lives, both on the field and off!! 
Thanks again for the opportunity to participate in your marvelous soccer camps.  We look forward to working with you this school year, at Westside".
Patty Bishop, Parent

"Jim, I am sure you will be receiving many, many positive emails.  All 3 of my girls were involved with the camp this week.  They have been participating in organized soccer for many years as well as basketball, softball, swim team, volleyball, dance, piano, choir, scouts, Indian Princesses and church.  I can honestly say that all 3 girls have never been as enthusiastic about a group activity as they were this week!  Thanks for everything.  We can’t wait for next year"!
Helen Morris, Parent

"As always, we thank you for your time and effort put into providing an exceptional camp.  My son always enjoys camp and learns so much both spiritually and physically.  We look forward to camp next year".
Eric and Davey Harper, Parents

"I want to tell you, how glad I am there is a Christian organization like Sports Quest.  Kids these days need to know that playing soccer is great for keeping in shape and having fun but having a personal relationship with our God is by far the most important thing we will ever do.  I especially like the part that when things do not go our way, God is still in control.
Keep up the ministry, because kids are realizing that one can have a lot of fun with God in control of their lives.  Also the training was great, my son learned a lot.  The trainers were great and they had a lot of patience and did a fantastic job conveying the information to the kids and making it fun for them.
Great job and thank you".
Ruben A. Ayala, Parent

"Our whole family thoroughly enjoyed the training, the treats, and all the bonus items (trophies, t-shirts, balls, etc) and Bible lessons.  Your camps are invaluable to us.  God bless you and your wonderful training staff".  
Janet Davila, Parent

"My kids had an absolutely wonderful time as did the parents, watching them successfully make it through every evening practice working so hard and still having a great time.  The coach and assistant coaches are superb with the kids and are constantly entertaining them through the 3 hour practice.  I look forward to working with Sports Quest in the Kid’s Directory next year".
Shantill Salas, Sales Manager Kid’s Directory

"My Husband and I all thought the camp was fabulous!!  It is only his second camp, but was head and shoulders above last year’s camp.  You are very good at what you do.  We appreciate your encouragement, your incredible coaching staff and most of all your witness of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Thank you".
Molly Allen, Parent

"Thank you for a wonderful week.  My daughter learned so much at your camp and thoroughly enjoyed herself.  You have a wonderful staff and you are all very organized.  I will definitely enroll my daughter in the future and will spread the word on your great training skills.  Thanks".
Susan Williams, Parent

"Great camp, my son loved it especially the goalie training.
Thanks for so strongly proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ to these young people.  I know that both the “churched and un-churched” parents stood up and took notice.  See you in 2004".
Michael Harwell, Parent

"Thank you for a wonderful week of skill and character-building for my daughter.  We were both sad to see the week end and look forward to participation in the program next year.  You have a dynamic program and we consider ourselves fortunate to have participated".
Susan Parker, Parent

"Thank you so much for lending your talents and your Biblical insight to our kids.  My daughter really benefited by the soccer training but also by seeing how to incorporate her spiritual life with her athletic, family and school life.  We are looking forward to next year".
Paige Grumulatis

"Thank you for preparing such a wonderful Christian soccer camp for children.  My daughter had a great time and is ready to go again next year.  It was such a positive experience for both her and our family.  We appreciated the organization that went into greeting each child on the first day as well as the pre-activities they participated in when they arrived each day.  We also enjoyed the end of the evening talk and the valuable information that was shared.  My daughter is very proud of the skills she has learned from the coaches.  We have shared the experiences with many friends and hope you know how much your time and dedication is appreciated".
Marcia Sevier, Parent

"Our son is 6 years old and has played several seasons of soccer.  He seems to love the sport.  He absolutely loved the Sports Quest camp in Kingwood.  Every day he would go on and on about how much fun it was.  He loved the daily competitions and the positive environment.  He liked all the special prizes given to the kids each day.  He liked getting to know all the professional soccer players and coaches during the week.  He even made some new friends!  And when I asked him about the Bible verses, he would always know something about them.  We are trying to raise our children in a good Christian home and camps like Sports Quest certainly reinforce those values.  His coach recommended your camp to us and I sure am glad he did.  Thanks again".
Marianne Prichard

"Once again I was very satisfied with your program.  My son has received a boost in his self-esteem generally and also concerning his soccer skills.  Our family especially enjoyed the devotionals that your gave at the end of each day.  Thanks to you and your team for doing such a great job"!
Marsha Montgomery, Parent

"My sons really enjoyed the soccer camp and are already missing it.  All of your staff were terrific and very professional.  It is nice to see such a fine group to set a good example for my boys".  
Chris Faggard, Parent

"Thanks to you and all the trainers for a great week at the Kingsland area camp!  My daughter loved it and has already asked if she can do it again  next year.  I was so impressed with everything you did, your organization, encouragement, skill teaching and character teaching.  I loved the Christian element coupled with soccer.  I am thanking God for bringing the advertisement to my attention.  Many blessings on the rest of your camps".
Cathy Marshall

"We absolutely loved the camp!  It is so refreshing to be around a group of people who are so positive and really seem to enjoy what they are doing.  My son had a wonderful time and really improved upon his foot working skills.  He was ready to quit soccer on the Monday morning of the camp, but by the end of the week, he was signed up for an indoor summer league.  Thanks again for all you do.  God bless you all".
Linda Nelson, Parent

"Thank you Sports Quest for helping us to learn soccer and giving the Lord’s word out.  Also, I liked the gifts that your gave us.  I am very, very, very thankful for all that you have done".  
Tiania Degrasse, Heights Camper

"Thank you for coming.  You were so kind to do this all for free.  You gave us free gifts when you didn’t have to.  When you taught us soccer skills we got better".
Desmond and Megan King, Heights Campers

"Dear Soccer People,
Thank you for letting us play soccer and for the magazines and t-shirs.  The Snickers were real good also.  This was a good experience for me to learn how to play soccer.  I hope you come back next year".
Jason, Heights Camper

"It was fun playing the games and getting prizes.  I never won a competition prize but it was fun trying though.  I had a great time with you guys and I hope you come back next time".
Taylor King, Heights Camper

"Dear Soccer Camp,
I really enjoyed all the fun games that we played.  At first on Monday I said that it wasn’t going to be fun but I found out that soccer is really fun.  I should know because I played soccer for 2 or 3 years so I have had a lot of techniques, I just need to brush up on my skills.  I just wanted to thank you guys for coming out and giving us all the prizes and teaching us new things".
Camie Bzeman, Heights Camper

"My daughter had a great week.  Thank you and your great staff for the wonderful and nurturing Christian program"!!
Kriste Sullivan, Parent

"What a great camp!  My son really enjoyed it, even though he didn’t win a trophy!  It was a good lesson to learn.  He learned to try his best every day and that is better than a trophy.  I believe it was said that it builds character.  He learned a lot and enjoyed being there.  Thanks".
Kelly Mooz, Parent

"I wanted to thank you and your staff for the wonderful week of Sports Quest soccer camp that my two daughters experienced!  You run a wonderful program.  We will definitely see you next year"!!
Bennie Ansell, Parent

"THANK YOU to all of the wonderful coaches that ministered to our children this past week!  They had a wonderful time, learned so much, and can’t wait to come back next year.  Yours is the best soccer program we have ever had the blessing to be a part of.  Thank you for your commitment, your enthusiasm, and your love for the Lord that you communicate and model to the children on a consistent basis". 
Marc and Barbara Boucher, Parents

"My daughter had a great week.  I am so glad to know about Sports Quest and anticipate that my daughter along with friends will be there next summer.  I plan to spread the word about the camp to all our soccer friend.  I thought the week was great.  Thank you very much".
Callie Paterson, Parent

"The camp was terrific and my daughter loved every minute.  She learned so much and truly loved her coaches and thought they were so helpful, fun and above all else nice.  Thank you for a great experience and we will definitely see you in 2004".
Jereann Chaney, Parent

"The camp was great…both my girls loved it and have already asked if they can enroll in another camp this summer.  Your program is fantastic and much appreciated.  Many thanks to you and your fabulous staff".
Gaye Thomas, Parent

"I have to commend you on a truly wonderful camp experience for my kids.  The program, the message and the staff were fabulous.  I am so glad I signed my kids up"!
Kristen Nerz, Parent

"Thank you so much for providing such a quality camp for my son.  It helped him gain back some much needed confidence.  He learned a lot about skills and teamwork.  But, the most important thing he learned was that it is important to have a good character and God always come before everything.  We will definitely be back next year". 
Ann Hollenbeck, Parent

"Thank you for putting on such a terrific camp for our son.  We had high expectations going into the week, and they were exceeded.  He had great fun, learned some new skills – he was excited to tell us about what he learned each day.  Most important of all, he told us on Friday that he’d asked Jesus into his heart during camp!  This is something we had talked about with him quite a bit recently, so we were thrilled of course!!  What a testimony to your ministry that a shy boy can feel comfortable in making such a decision in just a week time spent with your staff.  We look forward to next year.  May God continue to bless this ministry"!
Russ and Martha Robinson, Parents

"Once again, the Gold family can’t thank you enough for a wonderful camp experience.  My youngest son has been waiting for his first opportunity to attend, and he had an absolute blast.  He keeps asking if he can go again and does not like it when I tell him not until next year.  What a blessing to have your company available to teach our young people sports skills, sportsmanship, and Godly character on and off the field.  The young men you have working for you are such wonderful role models.  
Thank you again.  We’ll see you next year.
Amy Gold, Parent

"Just wanted to say that my girls were very happy with the Sports Quest soccer camp.  They have been to numerous other soccer camps and yours was by far the one they have enjoyed the most.  I think the Christian environment made it all the more worthwhile.  I was also impressed with the daily awards given which I felt motivated the kids to do their best in the athletic field as well as in the character field.  Thank you so much for a time well spent".
Mrs. Alvarez, Parent 

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